Yumeria (ゆめりあ?) is a romantic adventure video game released by Namco for the PlayStation 2 in 2003. The game had a 12 episode anime series produced by Studio Deen.


In the night of his 16th birthday, Tomokazu Mikuri has strange dream in that one girl is fighting with an enemy in a world he never saw. Tomokazu has a strange power in the dream, being able to give power to the girl so she can fight against the enemy. Tomokazu is impressed with how realistic his dream is. When he awakens in the next morning, the same girl from his dream was beside himself in his room.

After this day Tomokazu constantly goes to the dream world Moera (モエラ?) when he sleeps, and is joined by five girls who fight against the Faydoom (フェイドゥム Feidumu?, "Feidum"), creatures from the dream world that are attempting to invade the real world.



Yumeria characters

voice actor
voice actor
Tomokazu MikuriChris PattonWataru Hatano
MoneBrittney KarbowskiMoyu Arishima
Mizuki AgatsumaMonica RialMasumi Asako
Nanase SenjyouNancy NovotnyKikuro Inoue
Kuyou SenjyouJessica BooneSara Nakayama
NenekoLuci ChristianTamaki Nakanishi
KonekoJessica BooneMisato Fukuen
NeitoTiffany SalinasMariko Suzuki
Mister IshikariJohn GremillionTetu Inada
Megumi SaitouTiffany SalinasKahori Tanaka
Head of the FamilyChris AyresMasashi Hirose
Man in BlackMike MacRaeNaoki Imamura
Tomoko MikuriLuci ChristianYuka Shioyama
Faydoom Core
(Core Feidum)
donaldo and
John Gremillion
Masakazu Morita



Anime title

The Yumeria anime originally aired in Japan in 2004.


#English titleJapanese titleOriginal air date
0116th Birthdayバースデイ・16January 8
02Tomokazu Zero Points智和0点January 15
03Bloomer Vブルマ―V(ファイブ)January 22
04Operation School Swimsuitスク水大作戦January 29
05Girl-Watching at the Dream Beach夢ビーチでウォッチFebruary 5
06The Yukata Master浴衣の達人February 12
07The Reverse Reincarnating Woman逆輪廻の女February 19
08Our Reason (For Refusing)僕たちの理February 26
09Bunny-ManウサギマンMarch 4
10The Taste of Katsudonカツ丼の味March 11
11Destiny Transformation運命変革March 18
12Tomokazu, 100 Points智和100点March 25



Yumeria video game opening Yumeria anime opening
ゆめりあ (PS2) - オープニングムービー

ゆめりあ (PS2) - オープニングムービー

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