Zawell (ザウエル Zaueru?), also known as Zawel, Zauel and Zowel, is the main villain and last boss from the game Dragon Spirit. Zawell is a large demon of darkness with a serpent-like body that fought against the goddess Arlia in ancient times, and was defeated. In the present, he resurfaced and captured princess Alicia to be used as a sacrifice. Amul fought against Zawell to rescue Alicia and defeated him. Zawell attacks by releasing blue projectiles from his horns and uses his staff to stop attacks.

In Dragon Spirit: The New Legend, Zawell appears as the boss from the prologue stage.

Other appearancesEdit

Zawell also appears in the game Namco Super Wars. If Amul joins in the beginning of the game, Zawell will be the boss from stage 10.


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