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Zul[1] (ズール Zūru?), full name (roughly) "Zūrī Zurukobitchi Kozuruinen" (ズーリー・ズルコビッチ・コズルイネン?),[2] also known as Zoul,[3] Zule,[4] and Slick,[5] is a recurring character from the Valkyrie series.


In Sandra no Daibōken: Walküre to no Deai, Zul is a thief that was captured by the Quarkman tribe, but Kurino Sandra fought against the Quarkman Andy to save him. Zul later appears in several parts of the game trying to make fortune, like trying to convince Sandra to take the treasures from princess Tiana and steal the treasure of a pirate ship, but usually gets in trouble. In the pirate ship, the captain found Zul and forced him to become a pirate, and tries to do the same with Sandra. If the player agree, the captain will order Sandra to throw Zul in the sea. However, Zul manages to escape the pirate ship and arrives in Tree Island, where he tries to convince Sandra to not give away a rare viola he had found.

Zul later gives up of thievery and becomes a merchant, selling items in most of his appearances in the series, including the remake of Walküre no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu from Namco Anthology 2, Walküre no Densetsu, and The Glory of Walküre.

As an enemy[]

Zul enemy

In his first appearance in Walküre no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu, Zul was originally a rare enemy type with wings that can move in any terrain and only appears in three small areas: In the east of the Endless Desert, in a land of Zuls in the north of the Caldera Region, and in the southeast of the Makkou Continent. They don't cause damage, but when they touch Valkyrie they steal an item from her and run away. Stolen items can be recovered by defeating the Zuls that got them before they escape.

Other appearances[]

Zul in Namco Super Wars

Zul appears as a merchant in the crossovers Namco Super Wars and Namco × Capcom.

In ShiftyLook's webcomic Legend of the Valkyrie, a merchant named Zoul makes business with Valkyrie and is killed by the antagonist Lozan.